Curtis Briggs to Represent Anti-NeoNazi Demonstrators Pro-Bono

Curtis Briggs, alongside legendary attorneys, J. Tony Serra and Randolph Daar, pledges to offer pro bone legal services for potential prosecution resulting from the upcoming Neo-Nazi demonstration at San Francisco Chrissy Field. Legal services are offered to anyone charged with violent crimes against the Neo-Nazi group.

Curtis Briggs to Represent Ghost Ship Fire Defendant Max Harris

"Lawyers for Max Harris, 27, dismissed the accusations as an attempt to make him a fall guy for the fire that killed 36 people and added that Harris actually tried to save lives as soon as the fire broke out during a music event on Dec. 2."

“It’s important for people to understand Max Harris never ran. Max Harris tried to save lives that night. Max Harris was present when the fire broke out. He was the first to try to put it out with a fire extinguisher,” defense attorney Curtis Briggs, who started representing Harris a week ago, said at a news conference in San Francisco.  Briggs went on to say that on the night of the fire, Harris also broke a fence so that first responders and firefighters could enter the building to put out the inferno.

“They’re completely wrong,” Briggs said of the Alameda County district attorney’s office, whose report concluded that Harris had blocked one of the two stairwells of the Ghost Ship to prepare the warehouse for the party.

Briggs also emphasized that Harris did not promote the unpermitted electronic music event, nor did he collect money at the door the night of the blaze.


Curtis Briggs and Tony Serra to represent Stankewitz

“On Monday, attorney Curtis Briggs informed Judge Arlan Harrell that he, Serra and attorney Tyler Smith have reviewed critical evidence in the case and are ready to defend Stankewitz without further delays. And before he left the courthouse, Briggs made a bold prediction: ‘We intend to walk him out the door.’”


Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow

“Serra, Briggs and other members of the team have accused the F.B.I. of racial profiling — setting a dragnet over Chinatown to catch Chinese people breaking the law. They have also demanded that Shrimp Boy’s case be dismissed on the grounds of selective prosecution: They argued in a motion that the same series of wiretaps that led to Shrimp Boy’s indictment also revealed that Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco laundered campaign money.”

Deputy Suspended for Beating Homeless Man

“We had a Sheriff’s Deputy wait until [Guanill] was alone and isolated and then attempt to instigate a fight,” said Guanill’s attorney Curtis Briggs. “When he couldn’t instigate a fight, then he just beat Fernando.”

Guanill himself was initially booked on assaulting a police officer and taken to jail. He said deputies there treated him with dignity.

“The jail, the treatment there was completely wonderful in comparison to General Hospital,” said Guanill.

Guanill and his legal team on Tuesday announced they’re filing a $25,000 claim against the city. They’ve are also calling for the deputies who assisted Lewelling to be investigated or prosecuted as well.